11 Ways to Break Beyond Your Comfort Zone!

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The first thing you should be asking yourself is ‘why should I want to break out of my comfort zone’? I’m comfortable!

I know! Me too! But the reality is while we are on this so called Earth: We are either growing or we are dying.

Now I can’t stop my body from getting older or my hairs on my head (what’s left) from getting whiter, but I can keep on growing mentally, spiritually and in other areas that I can absolutely control.

While you have breathe left in you, do yourself a favor and continue to push the envelope towards growth. When should you stop you might ask? When you’ve taken your last breadth 🙂

Here are the top 11 Ways You Can Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Continue to Grow!

  1. Pro-actively Strive to Be ‘Better than you were Yesterday’

At the END of each day, reflect on what went ‘right’ yesterday and what went ‘wrong.’ Maintain what you did right and tweak what you did ‘wrong.’ That one little move will help grow you in the right direction more than you know. 

  1. Journal

This is much more than just a ‘diary’ to yourself. Treat your journal like a ‘leave behind’ item that one day someone will pick up and gain ‘wise wisdom’ from. Use your journal as your place to ‘think out loud’ and ‘talk to yourself,’ literally! Share your fears, your triumphs, your challenges, and whatever else you might have stirring in your mind. I’ve been keeping a journal for over a decade now. It’s fascinating to see the growth and how far I’ve come.

  1. Put deadlines on your ‘bucket lists’

People come up with bucket lists and tie ‘before I die’ deadlines to them. That’s too broad of a time line. Give yourself a sense of urgency and put more firm, short time frame deadlines on your bucket lists. Nobody knows when or where or how they are going to eventually pass. Putting more firm timelines will help you actually take the steps necessary to start taking action sooner rather than later.

  1. Tell as many people as you can about what ‘you are going to do’.

I want to be VERY clear in saying, that this is not about ‘bragging’ or being arrogant or pompous. It’s about helping you hold yourself accountable by allowing others ‘into your party.’ You want to lose 30 lbs? Tell as many people as you respect that you are going to lose 30 lbs. You’d like to take up swimming lessons? Tell everyone in your circle of influence about it. What will this do for you? The next time you see that someone you told, you will naturally be reminded of that personal commitment you made to yourself. Believe me, it works!

  1. Use ‘The Negative Consequence’ because of ‘in-action’ as motivation

Sometimes the only thing that will take us beyond our comfort zone is a negative consequence if we fail to act. That shouldn’t be your long term perspective for everything but the bottom line is ‘fear’ does work in some circumstances! ‘If I don’t keep healthy, I won’t be around for my kid’s wedding!’ ‘If I don’t schedule time for my family, I will never see them.’ ‘If don’t get my finances in order, my checks might bounce.’

  1. Partner up!

Don’t go it alone. There is a reason why ‘Weight Watchers’ is one of the most successful programs on planet Earth! They have accountability partners to go on the journey with you. ‘Enjoy the ride’ by taking someone along with you!

  1. Get Help from Someone who has ‘been in your shoes’

In my opinion it is of NO use to get help from someone who can’t even relate to what you are going through or are dealing with. Find an individual who was where you were and is now where you want to be. It will give you the courage and hope in knowing that if they can do it, you can do it too!

  1. Have a Clear and Realistic Target

Nebulous targets result in nebulous results! Determine your ‘bare minimum’ target and make sure it’s measurable and/or observable by others or yourself. Be able to clearly communicate, visualize or demonstrate your ‘end state.’

  1. Treat your growth like a ‘life marathon’ not a ‘death sprint’

Rome was not built in a day. Don’t expect your changes to occur overnight either. Those who can take baby steps towards their change are usually the ones still maintaining the change years later. Don’t sprint out of your comfort zone. Gradually work your way out of it by taking baby steps.

  1. Surround yourself with support in materials, people and environment

Inundate yourself with great books. Make sure your environment lends itself in your favor towards where you want to grow. Make sure the people around you aren’t ‘negative nay sayers’ but providers of courage, hope and inspiration to you.

  1. Last but not least, never forget your ‘why!’

When times get tough, you want to quit, you get down on yourself and you want to throw in the towel, your ‘why’ will get you through the storm. Hone in on ‘why’ going beyond your comfort zone is so important for you. Keep it close. It will pull you through and keep you going! You can do this!! 

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