January 2016


Doing “What’s Right” Despite Making Others Unhappy – 6 Key Principles To Live By

Tags: Accountability, Coaching, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Situational Leadership

Have you ever been caught between a ‘rock and a hard place,’ having to make a choice between ‘doing what’s right’ versus ‘making someone happy?’ I know I have. And I’m here to tell you that I have waffled between both sides, not always being consistent with the path I’ve chosen. What I painfully came […]

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Your Personal Health Depends On The Health Of Your Organization…Really

Tags: Coaching, Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Organizational Culture, Work-Life Balance

I can already feel you shaking your head “yes” as you sadly relate to the title of this blog. We’ve all been there . . . a part of corporations, teams or departments that are misaligned and unhealthy in some way.   As a result, business priorities and sense of direction may be in chaos or […]

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