March 2016


Your “Why” Must Outweigh Your “What!”

Tags: Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Podcasts, Work-Life Balance

During our “Escape” from Vietnam, my mom had to leave two of my sisters behind. They were only 13 and 14 years old. Why? Waiting any longer would have meant none of us would have made it to “freedom.” There was just no time and she instinctively knew it was a sacrifice she had to […]

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Ignore Your Staff And Watch Employee Engagement Plummet To 2%

Tags: Coaching, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Organizational Culture, Podcasts, Situational Leadership

Yes, you read correctly – 2%! This shocking statistic was reported in a recent Gallup poll that found employee engagement drops to an astounding 2% when employees feel ignored by their managers. Even more shocking, this poll was in response to a new organizational theory called holacracy where organizations completely eliminate the role of managers. […]

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