July 2017


10 Ways To Be A ‘Guide’ vs A ‘Crutch’

Tags: Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Organizational Culture

We’ve all been there, wanting to do it all and feeling like we have to ‘rescue’ everyone who gets into trouble.   What happens? No growth. For anyone, including you! It’s faster if I do it myself. I can’t depend on anyone else. They don’t know how to do it like me. The quality won’t be […]

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Time for a Leadership ‘Tune-Up’…No Matter What Condition You Are In

Tags: Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Situational Leadership

I like to say that ‘Business never stops for leadership, but failed leadership will stop business in its tracks.’   Case in point and torn from recent headlines . . . Uber, Ralph Lauren, and Ford, ALL removing their CEO’s due to failed leadership! Let’s face it. There is never a perfect time for a leadership […]

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