October 2017


8 Ways to Determine to ‘Stay In the Game’ Or ‘Call It Quits!’

Tags: Leadership Worth Sharing Blog

Even the greatest had trouble ‘calling it quits.’ Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky – all peak performers who struggled at the end of their careers. What motivated them to stay when it seemed obvious their thoroughbred years were behind them? That’s a great question that goes well beyond professional sports. It also […]

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12 Ways to Earn Respect And Trust As A Leader

Tags: Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Organizational Leadership, Self Help, Situational Leadership

Have you ever heard the mantra that respect is the cornerstone of effective leadership? If you haven’t, then I’m here to tell you it should be indelibly etched into every action you take as a leader. Think about it, do you want to work for, or associate with, people you don’t respect? Exactly, nor does […]

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