Are you an ‘Ideal’ Employee?

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Finding and recruiting the ‘right’ employee is difficult, period. The bottom line is that it is NOT a ‘black and white’ process. Resumes and interviews can only do so much. No one really knows who is going to be a ‘rock star’ until you can actually see the person in action, real time. Right, wrong or indifferent, hiring ideal employees is risky business.

That said, a company’s human assets are its most valuable intellectual collateral. And choosing a new member of the team is a huge responsibility that can turn into a blessing or a very costly mistake. So how do you find that next rising star that can hit the ground running, gel with others and quickly become a leader of ideas and people?

In my experience, it comes down to 5 key employee ‘cornerstones.’

Look for these traits and add these ‘cornerstones’ to your recruiting criteria when finding your next employee. You won’t regret it!

The 5 Cornerstones of ‘Ideal’ Employees

Look for these personality strengths in prospective candidates. I’ve always said . . . give me an employee who meets all 5 cornerstone characteristics and I’ll bet my team against your team any day of the week. 🙂

Your Leadership Challenge:

These characteristics don’t just apply to job candidates. They apply to EVERYONE – you, your current team, your boss, etc. Make sure you are living up to these traits and helping your team to do the same. 

I’d Love to hear about your Challenges, really

Privately send me your challenges, questions and comments at I can’t guarantee I’ll have all the answers, but I will be candid, truthful and genuine. All of us can inspire, lead and achieve, and drive higher performance and organizational health if we simply work at it.


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