Are You Really Ready To Grow As A Leader?

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If you’re like most people going through yet another program on leadership development, you may be growing frustrated, even annoyed. What is this guy going to do that the last guy couldn’t?

I get it. This is the nature of the beast for consultants. You’re trying to figure out how I’m different than previous leadership consultants. And, more importantly, how can I be more effective?

I find these to be very interesting attitudes because here’s the deal. Leadership consulting is not about me or my approach. It’s about you and whether you’re ready to take ownership of growing as a leader.

You Determine Your Leadership Development

Think about it. If you’ve previously been through leadership development and your company has asked that you try it again, chances are you weren’t as ready as you could be the first time around. The good news is your company believes in you. The even better news is that with a little self-awareness, discipline and commitment, leadership development can absolutely transform your professional and personal life.

Identifying “Broken” Areas of Leadership

So what do I mean by self-awareness? I’m talking about introspection. I want you to dig down deep and identify – and accept –where you need to grow as a leader. This real, and sometimes painful, acknowledgment of your own “broken” leadership skills will drive your ambition to overcome them. Then, and only then, will you be willing to do the work necessary to grow.

I can offer proven and unique (because I am pretty good 🙂 ) growth strategies, tactics and approaches. But if you’re not “bought in” and willing to accept them and apply them to yourself, then you will not develop as a leader. Or sustain the skills necessary to effectively perform as a leader. Ultimately, you have to own it.

Personal Ownership is “In Your Hands”

The topic of personal “ownership” doesn’t only pertain to leadership. It pertains to EVERYTHING in our life. But it becomes exceedingly difficult if we feel we are going to have to do some work, or even worse, change. Change our behavior. Change our mindsets. Change our attitudes. Change the way we do things.

So if you’re facing another leadership course or simply recognize that you didn’t gain as much as you could have from previous programs, then it’s time to take ownership. Whip out that leadership book! Re-visit the team-building program! Pull out your feedback form from a year ago! Identify what’s still not working and do something about it! And repeat, repeat and repeat…until what needs to be better…actually is!

How do you get there?  Use any approach that is at your fingertips. Phone a friend. Read a book. Watch videos. Listen to inspirational presentations. But don’t allow the fact that you might have tried this approach before prevent you from making progress this time around. Commit to it. Do the work. Muster up the discipline. And don’t quit until you are better. Own it. 

My Personal Ownership Challenge to You

Your leadership challenge: Identify a “leadership area” that is still “broken” and re-visit and repeat until it’s not.

I’m Here to Help You Own It

As I said, change is not easy. I’m here to help you through it. I invite you to send me your challenges, questions and comments. I can’t guarantee I’ll have all the answers, but I will be candid, truthful and genuine.   All of us can inspire, lead and achieve if we simply work at it.

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