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12 Ways to Earn Respect And Trust As A Leader

Have you ever heard the mantra that respect is the cornerstone of effective leadership? If you haven’t, then I’m here to tell you it should be indelibly etched into every action you take as a leader. Think about it, do you want to work for, or associate with, people you don’t respect? Exactly, nor does […]

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11 Ways to Break Beyond Your Comfort Zone!

The first thing you should be asking yourself is ‘why should I want to break out of my comfort zone’? I’m comfortable! I know! Me too! But the reality is while we are on this so called Earth: We are either growing or we are dying. Now I can’t stop my body from getting older […]

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10 Workplace ‘Expectations’ That Do More Harm Than Good

Ok, it’s Sunday night or even Monday morning in the shower. You’re mentally going through your upcoming work week ticking off what needs to get done. Like most of us, you probably have some expectations as to how the week will go . . . the keyword being ‘expectations.’ Here’s the deal. I have discovered […]

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How Much Are You ‘Really’ Worth? 5 Areas That Can Increase or Decrease Your Value

Great title, huh? Probably captured a lot of people’s attention. And understandably so. Because the truth of the matter is that only 53% of employees feel they’re being compensated fairly . . . meaning 47% see room for improvement. Fear not, we will talk about the key skills and/or character traits that employers’ value. But […]

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10 Ways To Be A ‘Guide’ vs A ‘Crutch’

We’ve all been there, wanting to do it all and feeling like we have to ‘rescue’ everyone who gets into trouble.   What happens? No growth. For anyone, including you! It’s faster if I do it myself. I can’t depend on anyone else. They don’t know how to do it like me. The quality won’t be […]

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