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Internal Flame or External Carrot…Which One is Your Driving Force?

Tags: Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Self-Development, Work-Life Balance

Folks, this is a very personal topic for me and one that I feel quite passionate about. I wanted to share it with you, especially around this time of the year, because it contains my #1 secret to happiness and fulfillment over the last decade. I sincerely hope that you will read on and think […]

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Your “Why” Must Outweigh Your “What!”

Tags: Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Podcasts, Work-Life Balance

During our “Escape” from Vietnam, my mom had to leave two of my sisters behind. They were only 13 and 14 years old. Why? Waiting any longer would have meant none of us would have made it to “freedom.” There was just no time and she instinctively knew it was a sacrifice she had to […]

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Driven By Fear – Been There? Still There?

Tags: Assessing Performance, Coaching, Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Organizational Culture, Podcasts, Work-Life Balance

When I first started consulting, I admit there was a large part of me that was absolutely driven by fear. Being my primary source of income and the principal income earner for the family, there was “no room for error.” What if I say something that might offend the person who hired me? What if […]

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Your Personal Health Depends On The Health Of Your Organization…Really

Tags: Coaching, Leadership, Leadership Worth Sharing Blog, Organizational Culture, Work-Life Balance

I can already feel you shaking your head “yes” as you sadly relate to the title of this blog. We’ve all been there . . . a part of corporations, teams or departments that are misaligned and unhealthy in some way.   As a result, business priorities and sense of direction may be in chaos or […]

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