Fostering Productive & Positive Relationships

“There are working relationships that are positive but unproductive. And there are working relationships that are productive but not positive. Both of these conditions create unhealthy situations in the workplace.”

                                                       Rubi Ho, Author of Many Parts, One Body

In most organizations, it’s easy to spot conflict within working relationships. It’s usually accompanied by a lack of collaboration, stalled productivity, operational bottlenecks, individual or team resentment, and even employee withdrawal.

What’s not so easy to spot are those working relationships that appear to function on the surface, but fail to produce meaningful results.

  • Accountability is missing in a ‘too friendly’ superior/subordinate relationship.
  • Creativity is lacking from a team more intent on ‘getting along’ versus challenging one another.

What organizations fail to realize is that these silent killers are equally as harmful to a company’s performance as unresolved conflict.

A mainstay of Fortune 25 company leadership programs, Fostering Productive & Positive Relationships addresses all relevant behavioral aspects to create healthy, results-oriented working relationships. From interpersonal conflict to a lack of leadership presence, this workshop will:

  • Grow collaboration, support and communication
  • Align expectations and integrate teams

Create a foundation of common understanding to build trust and respect

Fostering Productive & Positive Relationships

2 – 4 Hours

Ideal for New Business Partnerships; Teams Experiencing Stagnant Progress; Teams or Individuals in Conflict

Conducted On Site

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Build Healthier Working Relationships that Accelerate vs. Impede Performance

  • ◉ Learn the Foundation of Healthy Relationships: Accountability is key
  • ◉ Identify & Address Areas of Conflict: Separate healthy conflict from issues that create blockades
  • ◉ Share Priorities & Gain Mutual Support: Recognize different goals aren’t always conflicting goals
  • ◉ Communicate More Effectively: Understand other’s communication style and needs
  • ◉ Know What Success Looks Like: Set expectations to move forward