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President & CEO - The Rubi Ho Group


With over 20,000 hours in the Corporate Trenches working with CEOs & their staff, I’ve learned that over 70% of a company’s issues stem from poor organizational health. Negative employee attitudes. Unproductive management behavior. These issues undermine an organization’s health. Yet, a focus only on people can undermine an organization’s performance.

Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Research confirms that companies who focus on organizational health and performance are:


more successful than those focused only on health


more successful than those focused only on performance

THE RUBI HO GROUP integrates people, process and performance into holistic, outcome-based approaches to:

What our customers say...

New Leader Assimilation & Coaching

Peter Lachance has been an integral asset in helping us place the right people in the right positions. We recently engaged him to assist with leader assimilation into a newly created position, which included facilitating a feedback session with the new leader’s team and coaching the new leader. Peter’s approach and counseling provided much-needed clarity and guidance helping us to make the difficult decision to part ways with the new hire. Without his assessment and recommendation, we may have “settled” for an unproductive situation costing our organization unnecessary time and money.

Ronald Schmid
President, The Pennsbury Society, Board of Directors


CEOs should engage The Rubi Ho Group if ANY PART of their company is facing challenges with team mis-alignment and/or lackluster performance. Left alone, these issues could lead to dysfunction and lack of a shared vision among other problems. The Rubi Ho Group's SAOL Methodology clearly clarified our issues, opportunities and improved our own areas of accountability.

John Mitchell
CEO, Cincinnati Association of the Blind


Kurt Weingand recently facilitated a three-session workshop with one of our veterinary teams. As part of these sessions, Kurt helped team members identify strengths and opportunities; DiSC profiles for enhanced communication; and specific communication issues for exploration. Kurt met with organizational leadership to discuss results and next steps for team effectiveness. We fully believe that execution of next steps will result in significant and substantive measurable improvements in team dynamics and overall team impact.

Scott Pisani
Vice President, Field and Medical Operations, Arizona Humane Society


Our greatest benefit with The Rubi Ho Group was gaining Senior Leadership alignment on key issues and rolling that alignment down to our key people and staff. Without a doubt, the alignment on direction and focus will dramatically improve our organizational performance going forward.

John Mitchell
CEO, Cincinnati Association of the Blind


I lead an organization with an immensely talented pool of individuals. However, until Rubi Ho came, we all unintentionally swam in our own small sections of the pool creating isolationism that stifled production. After just a few sessions, Rubi revealed a lack of balanced team chemistry. Actually, he did something better than merely point out the problem: he taught us to see it for ourselves. This allowed us to see “what” had gotten us off course, and “how” it happened.

Keith Trump II
Head Pastor, Leading Truth Church


Using the DiSC to stimulate an objective discussion of collaboration and leadership, Kathy Lubbers led a 2-day non-profit board retreat that enabled board members to step forward and take ownership of a heretofore founder-driven organization. Everyone left energized and engaged.

Susan Koehler
Executive Director, Hopecam


Rubi Ho is a true partner in helping organizations transform from dysfunction to genuine health. Our team is now one voice and, as a result, we will double our congregation this year. Regardless of your business, the principles Rubi teaches will work in any organization interested in avoiding mediocrity, manifesting excellence and fulfilling your vision.

Keith Trump II
Head Pastor, Living Truth Church


Dr. Weingand helped us navigate a period of unprecedented change by focusing on improved internal communication and expanded external impact.

Dr. Steven Hansen
President & CEO, Arizona Humane Society


I have admired Rubi Ho for some time now and I continue to be in awe of his knowledge, skills, and intuition. He has an amazing ability to provide others with his very significant insight. Rubi’s obvious strengths come from his meaningful wisdom and experience which he displays often.

Lee Fogle
CEO, Duke University Federal Credit Union


Kathy Lubbers brought a coaching and consulting style that combined wisdom with humor to help me develop the awareness and knowhow to convey expectations and goals to millennial staff.

Susan Koehler
Executive Director, Hopecam


Rubi Ho and his SAOL methodology creates leadership platforms that allow him to read into an organization and its people like no one else can, and then offer the guidance and direction to transform not only the individuals, but the organization as a whole.

Tim Reynolds
Co-Owner, Peach State Freightliner

Kathy's leadership expertise helped create a platform of common understanding and alignment among the team. Without her leadership, we may have been heading in the right direction, but likely would have "arrived" at different times and with far greater mis-alignment!

Stephanie Palmeri, Partner
SoftTech VC


I was hesitant about the value of a coach but I’m a true believer now. Rubi focused on my leadership success by involving me, my executive team and my direct reports. Together, we created partnerships and alignment that benefitted all. With Rubi’s coaching, I feel more poised for success than if I had done this on my own.

Stephanie Ferris
Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Vantiv

Identified & Addressed Pain Points

Bill’s consultation was timely and a great investment. Issues (pain points) that compromised our ability to communicate were identified and resolved. He put in place an aggressive action plan to complete our transition and change some dysfunctional organizational habits. We are confident in Bill’s ability to continue to work with us as we strive to become a healthier organization. Thank you Bill!

Tom Miyashiro
Chief Evangelism Officer (CEO)
Faith 2 Faith Ministries, INC.

Creating Alignment

Kathy Lubber's leadership expertise helped create a platform of common understanding and alignment among the team. Without her leadership, we may have been heading in the right direction, but likely would have "arrived" at different times and with far greater mis-alignment!

Stephanie Palmeri, Partner
SoftTech VC


A 2-Step Process To Achieving Influential Leadership

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