Are You Ignoring Employee ‘Pain’? Learn the 10 Surefire Signs of Employee Restlessness!

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Growing up, I spent most of my ‘play time’ outside. We played tag, climbed trees, made slingshots, and engaged in one of my more favorite things – ‘play fighting’ with my brothers and friends. No surprise, some of our ‘play fighting’ went a little too far actually injuring one another. Even as kids, we knew not to ‘alarm’ my sister, our babysitter, unless it was a ‘serious’ wound. After all, she might make us stop!

One day, the story was different. Mikey, my neighborhood friend, was innocently swinging a wooden bat trying to hit a softball. ‘Stupid me’ walked right behind him and Kapow! You guessed it, the bat connected with my right eyebrow splitting open my head! Then, and only then, did my sister jump to the rescue as I was bleeding profusely from my head! She knew this one was serious. Clearly, I recovered from the injury. But who knows what could have happened if my sister didn’t react in time. 🙂 

This childhood story illustrates the dangers of not reacting in time. Is it possible that you might be ignoring serious employee issues that, if not caught in time, could undermine your organization and leadership?

Read on to learn the 10 surefire signs that ‘legitimate’ trouble is brewing within your ranks . . . and requires your immediate attention before more damage is done.

Sources of ‘Legitimate’ Employee Pain

The focus of this blog is not only to emphasize the need to address employee ‘pain,’ but also to help identify when the pain is ‘legitimate.’ And whether or not you should be doing something about it!

Granted, unless we are part of UFC, most of us are not subject to physical pain at work, but many of us do experience emotional and mental ‘pains’ and stresses that are directly related to our work environment.

Sources can include overloaded work demands, unhealthy working relationships, feeling de-valued, lack of alignment and focus, lack of trust, broken teams, silos, lack of communication, no vision and awareness, and not being treated with respect. And these are only a few of the things that can lead employees to ‘suffer’ in very real ways.

In many ways, I’m describing everyone’s work environment to some extent these days. The point is, leaders must proactively IDENTIFY AND ADDRESS employee ‘pains’ before they become un-bearable and even detrimental. At the end of the day, it could truly be the difference between their loyalty to your company and/or to you, and whether or not they look elsewhere.

Granted, you can resolve the issues and your people might still choose to leave. But the key is you ‘acted’ and made a positive effort to better the situation – an effort that will not go unnoticed by other employees who might also ‘be on the fence.’

To be clear, I’m not saying that you need to address every employee issue. Some things need to be addressed by the employee, themselves, for continued growth and development. Instead, I want to raise your awareness of issues that you MUST immediately and decisively address to continue to be an effective leader in shaping a productive, healthy organization.

10 ‘Legitimate’ Signs of Employee ‘Pain’ that Require Swift Attention

As leaders, I beseech you to honestly assess your own organization for the possibility of these 10 signs. 

Address Employee Pain Head-On and Build a Stronger Organization. Or Ignore Employee Pain and Lose your Organization to Competitors and Others.

My message to you . . . Do everything, and I do mean everything within your power and influence, to help your employees who might be legitimately ‘in pain.’ Like you, they aren’t expecting perfection. But, at the very least, they want a work environment that is more inviting than it is repelling. A situation that is more healthy than unhealthy. A leader who is more caring than non-caring.

At the end of the day, we don’t need much to be satisfied and content. Play your part. Do what you can. You’ll be surprised what kind of a difference you can actually make. 

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