Ignoring “Unhealthy” Situations Today…Creates Serious “Illness” Tomorrow

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I’ve had to deal with an ailing foot injury for years. Stubbornly, I justified I could tolerate the pain and get by. Out of the blue one early morning, I couldn’t even stand on two feet. The pain had become intolerable and I in effect became in-operable. Ironically, we treat organizational “pains” the same way. We don’t address or do anything about the unhealthy situation until we have no choice. 

Why Do We Have to Learn the Hard Way?

Human nature is such that we prefer to learn the hard way. This means it has to hurt, a LOT, before we choose to act. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a litmus test. For a moment, reflect on something going on in your work or personal life right now that is, less than healthy. Do you have it?

Now the question is why haven’t you done anything about it? Similar to my friend, my guess is you’re choosing to address other priorities that currently “hurt more.”

Changing Your Mindset

I consider myself to have a sixth sense when it comes to organizational dynamics and people, sort of an organizational clairvoyant.  It only takes me a few minutes, literally, to identify “pain points.” What’s more, I can also clearly see how to “heal the hurt.” Yet, unless the organization or the person has the mindset and is ready to make a change, it doesn’t matter what I say or do. J

While I understand human nature’s reluctance to address nagging or uncomfortable issues, I’m here to tell you – as my friend is, as well – that unhealthy situations will fester creating much bigger issues that are much, much harder to resolve. So now is the time to change your mindset, address issues or problem situations early on, and become more effective and comfortable in working things out.

Signs of Unhealthy Situations that Need Immediate Attention

The first step is recognizing the molehills BEFORE they become mountains and huge bottlenecks. The following specifically focuses on organizational and people-related issues; however these “signals” can also be applied to your personal life.

My Healthy Action Challenge to You

Don’t be like my friend, address unhealthy issues as they arise. Taking care of business today means you have a business tomorrow.

Your leadership challenge: Tackle what’s not healthy… period!

I’m Here to Help You Own It

You CAN overcome – and take control of – what’s ‘unhealthy.’ Privately send me your challenges, questions and comments or use the forum below. I can’t guarantee I’ll have all the answers, but I will be candid, truthful and genuine.   All of us can inspire, lead and achieve and drive higher performance and organizational health if we simply work at it.

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