Individual Leadership

Growing Leaders at All Levels

Successful companies all share the same secret . . . Leadership Starts with the Individual.   No longer isolated to the C-suite, organization-wide leadership development is one of the 12 critical issues identified in the Global Human Capital Trends 2014 survey.

Magnifying this need is today’s competitive market requiring organizations to be decisive, proactive and flexible with the ability to lead in uncertain situations. Developing broad and deep leadership pipelines has become even more important as organizations continue to flatten for greater agility and cost-containment.

Whether your organization needs individual or team development, SAOL ™ principles weave throughout our programs. Here are some of the areas we address.

1 on 1 Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is about first understanding yourself so that you can effectively lead others. To be truly impactful, you will learn how to:

On-Boarding New Leaders to Their Respective Teams

Productive on-boarding of a new leader is essential for both personal and organizational success. As a company, you’re making a tremendous investment which this training maximizes by helping new leaders:

Fostering and Developing Productive, Positive Relationships with Peers and/or Team Members

There’s always ONE, if not TWO relationships that can be better in terms of communication and collaboration. If not addressed, these less than healthy working relationships can cause bottlenecks and, in extreme cases, avoidance of one another. On the surface, this may not appear to be a big deal until projects and teams start bypassing one another, even stop working together completely. This coaching helps combative leaders:

Leadership Coaching Boot Camp™

An intense and immersive process, Leadership Coaching Boot Camp drills participants in the six critical areas of behavioral leadership. These include

Considered the leadership short-cut to the “10,000 hour rule,” this boot camp better prepares existing and novice leaders to more effectively command and guide their teams and organizations.