Leadership and Communication

“Communication competence comes from awareness, understanding, empathy, self-control and discipline . . . around what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.”

Rubi Ho, Author of Many Parts, One Body

It’s no secret that employees who feel empowered, valued, leveraged and supported are more loyal, engaged performers. The Leadership and Communication workshop will immerse you in the areas of communication, motivation and what it means to create healthier organizations by addressing:

  • Communication and Motivation Needs: With DiSC profiles as its basis, you will recognize your own communication and leadership style and learn techniques to more productively interact with differing styles.
  • Critical Areas of Support and Empowerment: Strengthen working relationships by unifying goals, clarifying roles and leveraging individual abilities.
  • Drivers of Organizational Health and Performance: Break down communication siloes and achieve results by focusing on the fundamentals of healthy workplace interaction
  • Performance Scorecards: Create a metric-driven Performance Scorecard to immediately apply new leadership and communication skills within the workplace.

A mainstay of Fortune 25 company leadership programs, Leadership and Communication will help you healthily empower, value and better support yourself and your co-workers.

Leadership and Communication

1/2 Day Classroom

Ideal for Any Combination of New or Veteran Teams and Leaders; Interdependent Teams; Grooming Individual Contributors

Conducted On Site

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Inspire Your Leadership Style with Tailored, Effective Communication

  • ◉ Engage & Empower: Understand motivations and personal styles for more productive interaction.
  • ◉ Build Accountability: Shape communication around clarity, transparency and results
  • ◉ Leverage Strengths: Optimize team and personal performance by capitalizing on natural abilities
  • ◉ Drive Team Health: Strengthen working relationships by focusing on people, performance and processes

All Participants will Complete a DiSC Profile Prior to the Workshop

DiSC is a leadership assessment used by 1 million people a year to improve workplace productivity and communication.