Non-Profit Assistance

Non-Profit Assistance

We’re Here to Help Your Organization Become Healthier

Every organization could be healthier on the leadership front. Non-profit organizations are no exception. For this reason, our organization believes in giving back to the community by serving with our abilities in leadership and organizational health. More importantly, we’re here to help . . . at no cost to you.

As part of our Strategic and Organizational Leadership (SAOL) Consultant certification, all consultants are asked to provide pro bono leadership assistance to a non-profit organization. This “residency” is 3 months in duration and serves as the culmination to their certification. As part of this “residency,” you and your consultant will identify areas for improved health and work towards realistic outcomes.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Interested organizations are encouraged to do a leadership self-assessment prior to contacting us. Once complete, call us at 513.489.4900 to share this assessment. We look forward to helping your organization thrive.

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