Organizational & Leadership Agility

Organizational and Leadership Agility  

‘Agile leadership’ is just as important as having an ‘agile methodology.’ In fact, leave agile leadership out of the agile methodology and your organization will be left applying ‘Agile Methodologies’ ONLY in IT and NOT across the organization!

The ‘Agile Leadership’ Workshop explores both the key principles of Agile methodology and what it takes to be an ‘Agile leader.’

Perspective: In the world of IT, Scrum principles have been widely adopted and proven very effective at helping to get the work done faster and more efficiently and also better integrate teams and overall work environments and even companies.

‘Scrum and agile practices,’ at a team or organizational level, also requires that your company or teams’ mindset, attitude, structure and culture foster an environment that is set up for agile success.   This is where ‘agile leadership’ comes into play.

Program objectives:

  1. Apply Scrum and agile principles to improve team output, processes and overall performance by:
    • Prioritizing based on strategic themes/direction
    • Protecting your ‘back-log’
    • Getting work output completed faster
    • Integrating your teams
    • Efficiently managing your work flow 
  1. Become an agile leader. There are processes, methodologies and systems that promote the importance of agility and continuous improvement.  Just as important, if not more, is the need for leaders to actually be ‘agile’ themselves.  In fact, agile practices, methodologies and processes, how valuable they may be, are not relevant and optimally leveraged without the presence of an agile leader.  Come learn to how to better:
    • Work through the culture and politics of your organization
    • Be viewed as a ‘business partner’ vs ‘support function’
    • Become flexible, adaptable yourself
    • Focus on continuous improvement
    • Take care of the entire ‘enterprise’
    • Manage your people’s output

Organizational & Leadership Agility

1 Day Classroom

Ideal for Leaders of Agile Teams; Cross-Functional Leaders Operating in Agile Environments

Conducted On Site

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Assess Your Organizational Agility with our Agile Diagnostic

  • ◉ Agile Leadership across the Organization:. Evaluate your organization’s ability to lead and apply these concepts company-wide.
  • ◉ Competency with Scrum Principles: Scrum is one innovation framework within Agile. How well are you, as an organization, embracing all of its components?
  • ◉ True Continuous Improvement: Agile organizations promote and “live by” the need to self-improve. Test the complacency of your organization in accepting the status quo.