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The SAOL™ Coach and Consultants

Meet The SAOL Coach and Consultants

The certified SAOL Coach and Consultants are comprised BOTH of internal and external professionals who have added SAOL Coaching and Consulting to their repertoire. Whether for their own organizations or externally, they focus on what SAOL Coach and Consultants do best: Strategically help build businesses by driving Organizational Health, Convergence and Performance.

Rubi Ho
President & CEO

Rubi Ho is a well-regarded strategic and organizational consultant, celebrated author, and founder and architect of the Strategic & Organizational Consultant (SaOL™) methodology and certification program. With an extensive background in organizational management, curriculum design, strategic leadership and executive coaching; Rubi’s direct and candid approach to consulting and issue resolution has earned him the trusted respect of CEO’s and their staff.

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Bill Ciberay
Director of Operations & Client Relations
SaOL™ Certified Consultant

Bill Ciberay brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Rubi Ho Group. With an immersive background that transcends business development, executive coaching and Martial Arts education; Bill is highly skilled in developing leaders, businesses and healthier working environments.

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Kathy Gingrich Lubbers
Principal Affiliate & SaOL™ Certified Consultant

Lubbers balances long term strategic planning with immediate and tangible results. As an entrepreneur, business owner and as Managing Partner of several LLC’s, she knows what it takes to blend a team of professionals.

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Kurt Weingand
Principal Affiliate & SaOL™ Certified Consultant

Dr. Kurt Weingand is life scientist with executive leadership experience in healthcare product development, external relations, and research and development operations. He is an expert at building and growing business with innovation. Kurt’s specialty is developing new organizations. He’s passionate about leadership coaching and helping people and organizations excel to optimize performance and productivity.

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Peter Lachance
SaOL™ Certified Consultant

A defense radar engineer by training and a seasoned senior executive who has worked in engineering, sales, finance, administration and organizational development, Peter has walked in the shoes of many of his clients.

In 2000, after leading the North American arm of an international engineering consulting firm for six years, Peter became an executive coach and leadership development facilitator.

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Glenn Bryan
SaOL™ Certified Consultant

Dr. Glenn Bryan is a management professor at Ohio Wesleyan University where he teaches marketing, corporate strategy, and leadership to the next generation of business leaders. He is also the founder of GrowthMatrix, Inc. providing leadership and management development to growing firms through executive coaching and management advising.

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Terry Slinde
SaOL™ Certified Consultant

Terry Slinde is Founder and President of RockSolid- A Leadership Growth Company, an Iowa based firm that works with small to medium sized companies in the areas of Strategic Thinking, Execution and alignment, Team building, Executive and Leadership Development.

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MEET OUR NEXT ‘TO BE” SAOL Certified Coach and Consultants!

The May 2017 Cohort represents a number of different industries, including Aerospace, Fire and Safety, Consumer Research, Energy, and Health.  Upon completion of their residency, all participants will officially become Certified SAOL Coach and Consultants and will be serving in their respective industries!