ROAR Leadership Immersion & Coaching Program For Women

A Leadership Program for Women in STEM
Realistic, Truthful, Practical & Empowering

January 22-23, 2018

iSpace Inc. – Sharonville, OH
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The Harsh Reality

Research validates that women in male dominated industries are leaving at a rate twice their male counterparts. Women cite:

  • Implicit bias
  • Lack of work being ‘equally’ recognized
  • Potential for hostile work environments
  • Feelings of isolation with limited to no support, role models, mentors

 ROAR is for ALL women who want to conquer – and prosper – within this environment!

ROAR: Empowerment, Freedom, Influence

While the ‘ROAR’ program doesn’t aim to ‘absolutely’ resolve the above issues, it does aim to help women have a better handle and more influence over them.

The ‘Why’ Behind the ‘ROAR’

  • You’re not alone if you find it odd that a man is offering a leadership program for women. You’ll better understand once you learn Rubi Ho’s Story.

    Without a father (Separated due to the Vietnam War), Rubi Ho and his 9 brothers and sisters were raised by his mother until he was 12. When she suddenly passed away due to a drunk driver, his older sister took over at the tender age of 21.

    Besides becoming an ‘overnight’ homemaker, his sister was also earning her biology degree and working as a receptionist.  He witnessed firsthand the struggles that not only his mom went through but also his sister, in trying to be both a professional and play the role of family leader at the same time.  His passion to help women and minorities is just as great, if not even greater, than his passion to help create healthy organizations and leaders.

What’s Covered

  • Re-discovering your purpose, Your ‘Why’
  • Establishing your ‘Life Road Map,’ including Career
  • Embracing your ‘True’ Core Competencies
  • Establishing Your Vision
  • Creating a ‘Realistic’ Vision and Strategies for Yourself
  • Establishing Your ‘Ideal’ Brand
  • Discovering Your Super Powers
  • Managing Your ‘Leadership Elephants’
  • Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Establishing Your firm commitments moving forward
  • Establishing a Network of Support
  • Receiving POST Coaching and Consulting

Pre-Class Preparation

  • Leadership AssessmentDiSC Profile & Pre-Program Leadership Assessment
  • Organizational Health & LeadershipReading Many Parts, One Body and Confronting My Elephants by Rubi Ho: Creator of SAOL Coaching and Consulting

Classroom Development | Two Days

  • Realities and Biases: Painting the Landscape: Culture, Politics, Biases 
  • Organizational Dynamics, Strategy and Performance: Organizational Health, Strategy, Performance 
  • Ownership and ‘Ideal Fit’ – Vision and Strategic Road-mapping: Gap Analysis 
  • Becoming Our Highest Self: Discovering our Superpowers and Leadership Elephants
  • Leadership Coaching and Emotional Intelligence –Leadership Presence, Managing Biases, Communication Competence

Application in Workplace

  • Follow up Coaching and Consulting Sessions
  • Post-Program Leadership AssessmentTaken by Self and Manager

Meet your ROAR
Coaches and Mentors

rubi-hoRubi Ho
President & CEO
The Rubi Ho Group

President and CEO of The Rubi Ho Group and Creator of SAOL Methodologies and the SAOL Coaching and Consulting Certifications and Program.

kimberleKim Seale
Executive Director
MISO Energy

Kimberle Seale is an Executive Director at MISO Energy. She is also the MISO Women’s Resource Group’s President; a board member and governance committee chair for Child Advocates in Indianapolis; Vice President of Programs for the local chapter of the Society of Information Management; and is an Advisory Board Member for the IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology.

duana-pattonDuana Patton
Area Agency on Aging

Duana Patton is the CEO of the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, Inc. and President/CEO of the Area Agency on Aging Foundation, which she co-founded in 2011. Duana is responsible for all facets of the organization. She has a proven track record for growing business and developing teams and leaders.


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1:1 Follow-Up Coaching and Consulting for Workplace Application

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