SAOL™ Certification

SAOL Certification Overview

The Strategic & Organizational Leadership (SAOL) certification program is a rigorous, real world methodology for creating skilled consultants who can champion and orchestrate organizational health at the individual, team and corporate-wide levels. Not an academic-based, “cookie-cutter” approach with little room for flexibility, SAOL Certification equips you with the tools, insight and expertise to diagnose and resolve organizational issues against a climate of constant change.

Ideal for driven individuals seeking organizational leadership skills, enhanced credibility, a career change or, simply, a new challenge; the SaOL certification process includes:

SAOL Certification Benefits

In addition to providing industry credibility in one of the most highly sought after methodologies, SAOL Certification also provides a stepping stone to working with The Rubi Ho Group. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with skilled consultants who can operate independently or as part of our team, as the need applies.

In addition, SAOL Certified Consultants benefit from:

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