Gregg Oshita

About Gregg Oshita

greggGregg Oshita is president of GPS-Consulting Group LLC, a Cincinnati based executive and leadership development consulting business. GPS-Consulting Group helps 1) Executives implement positive change around leadership style and effectiveness, 2) Companies manage change, 3) Train and prepare “high potentials” for the next step in their career and 4) individuals in transition improve their job search effectiveness.

He has 20+ years experience working with individuals of Fortune 50 to 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs of private businesses. He has facilitated positive change through issues of communication and management style, career empowerment, strength development, assimilation and redeployment, while focusing on improving employee effectiveness and professional growth. He also developed and delivered “Creating Your Individual Brand” sessions to Asians within P&G who were interested in learning how to self-promote and market their strengths to enhance their careers.

Gregg is a customer-centric coach known for his collaborative and supportive coaching style, his integrity, responsiveness, and “can do” attitude.

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