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About Kathy Gingrich Lubbers

kathy-lubbersLubbers balances long term strategic planning with immediate and tangible results. As an entrepreneur, business owner and as Managing Partner of several LLC’s, she knows what it takes to blend a team of professionals.

Kathy served as Senior Advisor and media surrogate for Newt Gingrich during his 2012 Republican Presidential campaign. Her experience in politics spans four decades and includes strategy, team building, communications, public relations, media and fundraising. Specific appearances include: “The View,” CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer,” “Piers Morgan,” Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” and “The Sean Hannity Show.” She also appeared on CNN en Espanol, FOX News Latino and radio Mambi.

She understands the strategy behind the business of building personal platforms into strong brands as well as the specific tactical components critical in implementation. As an example, she has been a driving force in negotiating and promoting eleven New York Times bestsellers.

As President and CEO of Gingrich Communications, Inc., Kathy was responsible for all aspects of the Speaker Gingrich’s communications strategies. Her team executed a weekly e-newsletter with 850,000 readers, garnering over a million followers on Twitter and 120,000 Facebook fans.

Having Rheumatoid Arthritis for over twenty-five years, Kathy is dedicated to finding a cure. As founder of the A2A4A (America 2 Anywhere 4 Arthritis) Team, she has followed the “Galloway” method to complete 6 marathons world wide raising funds ($190,000 and climbing) and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. Kathy served eight years on the Arthritis Foundation’s National Board and chaired the Marketing and Fundraising Committee for 4 years.

Under the personal guidance of Rubi Ho, she adds strategic and organizational leadership to her wheelhouse. Kathy delights in guiding teams and organizations to achieve their “highest selves” by identifying their strengths and focusing on the key components of leadership, relationships and performance.

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What our customers say...


“Using the DiSC to stimulate an objective discussion of collaboration and leadership, Kathy Lubbers led a 2-day non-profit board retreat that enabled board members to step forward and take ownership of a heretofore founder-driven organization. Everyone left energized and engaged.

Susan Koehler
Executive Director, Hopecam


Kathy Lubbers brought a coaching and consulting style that combined wisdom with humor to help me develop the awareness and knowhow to convey expectations and goals to millennial staff.

Susan Koehler
Executive Director, Hopecam


Kathy's leadership expertise helped create a platform of common understanding and alignment among the team. Without her leadership, we may have been heading in the right direction, but likely would have "arrived" at different times and with far greater mis-alignment!

Stephanie Palmeri, Partner
SoftTech VC

Deepened Relationships

Kathy Lubbers’ counsel was crucial in deepening relationships amongst the board and staff; something we may never have achieved without her help.

Brad Hawkins, Vice President
Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Clearer Roles and Responsibilities

In one session with Kathy Lubbers, our board and staff learned the best way to relate and work with one another to accomplish goals. Importantly, we all left with clearer roles and responsibilities.

Brad Hawkins, Vice President
Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Team Cohesion

Kathy Lubbers shows true passion and brilliance in honing leadership skills.  She creates team cohesion while instilling solid leadership principles useful both professionally and personally.

Kathye Susnjer, Executive Director
Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce