Kimberle Seale

About Kimberle Seale


Kimberle Seale, President of Vincerem Coaching and Consulting, is an experienced multi-industry executive active in her community.  She is a board member and governance committee chair for Child Advocates in Indianapolis; Vice President of Programs for the local chapter of the Society of Information Management; and is an Advisory Board Member for the IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology.

Previously, Kim has worked in multiple industries focused on building software products and strategy including Healthcare, Talent Management, Banking, Account Receivables Management, and US Government.

Kim focuses on leveraging her passion in building and mentoring great leaders through a holistic-integrated approach of capabilities and behaviors which are foundational to the health and success of any organization. She believes all employees have an intrinsic passion and set of strengths, that when leveraged, bring out exponential growth and productivity for themselves and any organization.

Kim is currently writing her first book “Mind the Gap: Unleashing Limitless Business Performance through Organizational Capabilities.”

What our customers say...

Kim Seale has made a difference in the training we provide for new supervisors at Child Advocates. We participated in her leadership training that included the DiSC profile and Team Assessments. Ms. Seale’s debrief was thoughtful, valuable, and perceptive as she led the group through their own profiles and where their newfound knowledge would assist them in improved communications with their teams and their own supervisor. I believe the three-pronged approach of behavior profile, team assessment, and emotional intelligence quotient bring a deeper understanding of communication and leadership to our staff. I want to bring Ms. Seale’s expertise to our entire staff!

Cynthia K. Booth
Child Advocates,Inc.

It was well received by the group and feel everyone benefited from the conversation. Highly recommended.

Child Advocates,Inc.