Reid Baker

About Reid Baker

reid-bakerReid Baker is an executive business coach and a human resources professional with thirty-plus years of experience. His background also includes expertise in manufacturing, management, and workforce training and development. Reid has specialized in the creation and development of human resource departments, the implementation of leadership development and technical training programs for manufacturing companies, and the coordination of mergers and acquisitions.

His experience encompasses other areas, such as behavioral-based interviewing, safety program development, employment law interpretation and application, computer-based training program implementation, supervisory development, Six Sigma implementation, Balanced Scorecard metric identification, and training grant procurement. Recently, he founded the Pinnacle Coaching Group – a behavioral-based leadership development and coaching firm.

As a young college graduate, Reid began his professional career as a teacher and counselor of at-risk students in the public education system. His rich background provides a wealth of knowledge and a common-sense approach in guiding people through the realm of leadership and coaching. He has mentored and coached within profit and non-profit organizations. During the last ten years, he has helped both large and small organizations overcome workforce training and development issues. In addition, he has assisted the unemployed by authoring a practical job search manual, teaching interviewing skills, and mentoring college graduates in their pursuit of career opportunities.

He is also an aspiring artist who actively supports the arts in his community. Reid’s passion for helping people achieve their highest potential and professional success drives his personal goal of paying-it-forward.