Yenny Ho

Yenny Ho


Yenny Ho is a globally recognized Consumer Insights Expert, bringing to life break-through innovations that build high customer value through her work at Procter and Gamble.  She has extensive experience working across billion-dollar consumer product categories, and has consistently delivered innovative portfolio development strategies yielding positive NOS (net impact on sales) and consumer delight.

Her engineering background, combined with her extensive experience in behavioral research, foresight and trends analysis, sensory experience design, marketing story development and claims support strategies, uniquely prepares her as a Certified SAOL Coach and Consultant. With her innate understanding of multi-functional dynamics, she is able to apply a holistic perspective across organizational and leadership issues.

As key mentors helped her become her family’s first college graduate, Yenny has an unbridled passion to enable today’s youth, especially those in under-privileged situations, to realize a better future through STEM.  Integrating education, leadership development and collaboration skills, Yenny’s life work is to prepare STEM’s next generation for success.

Yenny is a native of Venezuela and lives in Cincinnati.  She is married to the master creator of the SAOL leadership programs (Rubi Ho).

What our customers say...

Our leadership team has been transformed to a more aligned, converged and higher performing state thanks to Yenny’s expert facilitation as our SAOL Coach and Consultant.
/> We are clearer on our priorities, ‘who owns what,’ and the renewed fervor from the team has truly been inspirational! The future of our organization is very bright indeed!

Kathy Engelhardt
Senior Pastor and ‘CEO’
Unity of Garden Park