SAOL™ Consultant Certification

Hit the Ground Running

The Strategic & Organizational Leadership (SAOL) certification program is a rigorous, real world methodology for creating skilled consultants who champion and orchestrate organizational health at the individual, team and corporate-wide levels. Not an academic-based, “cookie-cutter” approach with little room for flexibility. SAOL Certification equips you with the tools, insight and expertise to diagnose and resolve “pain points” against a climate of constant change.

Application vs. Theory

Developed by Rubi Ho, a recognized expert in organizational leadership and performance, SAOL Certification provides:

  • An immersive experience of pre-requisite experience and preparation, classroom content, in-house experiential learning and capstone three month field “residency” with a non-profit organization of your choice.
  • Real life practical application to develop long term, sustainable partnerships with organizations in the area of strategic and organizational leadership.
  • Opportunity to “give back” by working with non-profit executives and their teams as part of certification.
  • Unique skills to address and resolve ANY and ALL issues pertaining to Organizational Health including, but not limited to: Strategic Leadership, Executive Coaching, Facilitating, Program Design, Performance Management, One on One Development, Team Development, Functional Development, and Holistic Development.
  • Exposure to learn from someone who has over 20,000 hours of ‘in the trenches’ experience working strategically with over 40 different organizations from various industries, including energy, oil, internet, security, consumer goods, safety, not-for-profits, universities, transportation, churches, and schools.
  • Industry presence and credibility with The Rubi Ho Group website promoting your certification and unique qualifications, and the opportunity to join The Rubi Ho Group.

SAOL Certification is Right for You

SAOL Certification is ideal for driven individuals seeking organizational leadership skills, enhanced credibility, a career change or, simply, a new challenge.  In addition to providing industry credibility in one of the most highly sought after methodologies, SAOL Certification also provides a stepping stone to working with The Rubi Ho Group. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with skilled consultants who can operate independently or as part of our team, as the need applies.

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