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Due to high demand, 2 additional Classroom Sessions are scheduled for 2018.
March 25 – 30, 2018 & June 3 – June 9, 2018.
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SAOL Approach…A Results-Oriented Roadmap to Organizational Health & Performance

The Strategic, Agile and Organizational Leadership (SAOL) Coaching and Consulting Certification Program is a rigorous, real world methodology for creating skilled consultants to champion and orchestrate organizational health, agility and performance across all levels of an organization.

Unique, flexible and adaptable, this immersive program is built on the following results-oriented linchpins:

Holistic Leadership Development

  • Far more than executive coaching, SAOL Consultants focus on the holistic organization and their leadership development needs across individuals, teams, cross-functional departments, regions and more.

Address “Pain Points”

  • Organizations need to see results before they can fully trust the change required for performance improvement. Accordingly, SAOL Consultants focus on pain points, proving the methodology, while strategically promoting company healing and superior performance.

Chief People & Performance Officer Mindset

  • SAOL focuses on optimizing both the human and performance potential of an organization. Filling organizational voids, SAOL Consultants serve the much-needed leadership role of Chief People & Performance Officer.

Create Measurable Results

  • The Performance Scorecard is a staple of SAOL Consultants. Created by the user – at the very first session – this scorecard, and its built-in accountability, becomes the self-designed roadmap for improvement.

The Classroom Schedule

Day 1: The Foundation

  • Introductions and YOUR ‘why’

    Getting Started with SAOL

    SAOL Decision Matrix

    The Equity of SAOL

    SAOL Methodology and Approach

Day 2-4: Strategic Leadership

  • Focus and Role

    Strategic Integration Overview

    SAOL Capacity Management Pyramid

    Strategic Integration: Mission to Individual Contribution

    Strategic Continuum (S.I.T.E.D)

    Creating your own Strategic ‘Roadmap’

Day 2-4: Organizational Health

  • Relevancy and background

    The SAOL Org Health Model

    Ideal Conditions for Organizational Health

    Pain Points and ‘real life’ case studies

Day 2-4: Leadership Performance & Coaching

  • Tactical vs Strategic Leadership

    The 3 Areas of Performance

    SAOL Core Focus Areas and Diagnostics
    Taking care of company
    Taking care of Stakeholders
    Taking care of function

    Taking care of team

    *Taking care of self (Leadership Coaching and EI Focus)

Day 2-4: Agile Leadership

  • Agile Principles and SAOL


    Revisit the SAOL Continuous Improvement and Continuum Models

Day 5: Application Day

  • SAOL Decision Matrix

    Executive Summaries

    Case Studies
    (In Teams)
    Agenda to ‘filling in the blanks’
    Proposals to ‘designing the approach’
    Executive Summaries to ‘designing the approach’

    (On Your Own)
    Executive Coaching Case Study: Diagnostics and overview to ‘designing your roadmap

Day 6: Formal Programs

  • ‘Elevator Speech’

    Workshop/Program Grid

    SAOL Executive Coaching Program for:
    Leadership Coaching Bootcamp
    Team Dynamic and Communication
    Fostering Productive and Positive Relationships

    ‘Pure’ SAOL
    Case Studies

    Certification Residency

    Expectations and Success Criteria

    Confirmation and Calibration

The Application Residency Post The Classroom

Application Residency

  • Learning must be applied quickly to sustain knowledge. Upon classroom completion, each SAOL Consultant is required to complete a 3 month residency with the non-profit of your choice offering the following benefits:
    Immediate Application of SAOL Methodology and Principles
    Give Back to the community in which you work and/or live
    Potential to Extend Residency into a long-term partnership
    Networking Opportunity with well-connected non-profit executives and their teams

Ongoing Mentoring

  • SAOL focuses on optimizing both the human and performance potential of an organization. Filling organizational voids, SAOL Consultants serve the much-needed leadership role of Chief People & Performance Officer.

Create Measurable Results

  • Rubi Ho is With You Every Step of the Way during your residency offering scheduled, frequent check-in’s to discuss progress, issues and approaches.While the SAOL residency is your proving ground, Rubi recognizes that everyone needs a mentor. Rely on him as needed. He will not let you down.

Why SAOL Certification is Right for You


Program Parameters

The Rubi Ho Group


The Rubi Ho Group

All Inclusive Pricing

The Rubi Ho Group

Certification Benefits

Hear From A Graduate


The May 2017 Cohort represents a number of different industries, including Aerospace, Fire and Safety, Consumer Research, Energy, and Health. Upon completion of their residency, all participants will officially become Certified SAOL Coach and Consultants and will be serving in their respective industries!

Meet our Certified SAOL Coach and Consultants

What Participants Say About SAOL!

SAOL is all about having the courage and the tools to address the truth for both personal and organizational growth.

Public Administration

The biggest thing I gleaned from our week learning SAOL was that it really represents the alignment of mind, body and soul. Within SAOL, the mind represents leadership, the body is daily operations and the soul is a company’s strategic mission and vision. SAOL helps converge all of these allowing a company and its people to be the best that they can be.

Aviation and Aerospace

My week with SAOL was one of transformational leadership development. I have transformed as a person and a leader to help others do the same.

Private University

Simply put, SAOL is a principles-based approach to problem-solving which allows you to internalize the concepts and practice them on a daily basis for sustainable improvement.

Consumer Research and development

SAOL is a highly introspective process for leaders and their organizations. It first focuses on who you are as a person before it tackles what you do. In doing so, it identifies and resolves pain points by focusing on the root cause, not the symptom.

Health Industry

The SAOL™ Coaching & Consulting Certification program challenged me to acknowledge and resolve how I’m “getting in my own way” and limiting my success.

Energy Industry

The greatest benefit of SAOL™ Coaching and Consulting methodology is its ability to facilitate you to identify and resolve issues. This personal growth forms the basis for sustainable leadership skills.


SAOL™ Coaching and Consulting is a MUST for anyone in a formal or informal leadership position.

Social Services

I’ve been through many leadership programs before. SAOL™ Coaching and Consulting Certification is the first program to make me feel truly confident that I can help businesses and employees resolve their pain points.


SAOL™ is far more than coaching. It’s about understanding yourself and how you can improve your own and other’s performance.

Social Services

SAOL™ heals organizations and improves performance making it more than how to be effective in’s about how to be effective in life.

Faith Ministry