SAOL™ Organizational Leadership Program for Managers

SAOL™ Organizational Leadership Program for Managers Corrects “What’s Missing” in Leadership Development

Strategic, Agile and Leadership (SAOLTM) for Managers focuses on first line level supervisors and managers who make the biggest impact by regularly interfacing with customers, running daily operations and maintaining the company “brand.”

Designed to build your leadership bench, this program transforms employee mindsets from manager to CEO of their team, department, division and themselves through . . .

  • Illuminating 360pre-work assessments by yourself and others on your leadership skills
  • 16 classroom hours of experiential “aha moments” and gap awareness of perceived abilities
  • 2 months of metric-guided leadership application within the workplace

Classroom Immersion Key Focus Areas

  • Strategy
  • Organizational Dynamics and Health
  • Performance Dynamics
  • Superpowers and Leadership Elephants
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Pre-Diagnostic Gap Analysis

POST Classroom Commitments

  • Calibration Session with Boss
  • Organizational Commitment Area to Improve Upon (Ex: Department Integration, Team Optimization, SOP Optimization)
  • Management of ‘Self’ and how One Leads by working on committed items around ‘Superpowers’ and motivations
  • Coaching and Consulting Sessions with Identified SAOL Coach and Consultant
  • Post Diagnostics

Participant’s Description of the Program

  • Emphasizes the importance of business performance, the function and leadership and is COMPLETE, not superficial.
  • Extremely immersive. Passive is NOT an option.
  • Very challenging but very informative. Immersive in leadership traits, team strategy, and eye opening on the awareness front.
  • Optimizes self-awareness, leadership over teams and all the dynamics involved with this area.
  • Integrates business, strategy, leadership, team and you all in one!
  • Teaches leadership strategies in depth and interpersonal dynamics and provides the tools to address the gaps.
  • Very enriching and ‘entertaining’ with deep and meaningful content around leadership and fosters great relationships with the other participants.
  • Eye opening immersion on higher level strategy and overall leadership.

How Participants Describe Program Benefits

  • The models and focus are factual. There is no room for mis-interpretation.
  • Quantitative, factual data between manager and myself and the gaps.
  • Clarity on where to close in on the gaps with other managers and different departments.
  • Know clearly what I need to do to improve the performance of my team.
  • Clearly helped me to establish performance criteria for my team and greatly enhanced the comradery with my peers in the program.
  • Identifying clearly my own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discovering truly the different management styles of each group and learning how to truly leverage one another and self.
  • I now have a clear sense of my team’s vision and strategic initiatives, giving me a firm path forward.

Who Should Take this Program

  • ANY person leading a team.
  • New managers especially if they are perceived to be good tactically but can grow strategically.
  • Anyone who aspires to be a leader in their organization.
  • Any middle management and above employee.

Recent Graduating Classes

November 2017 Cohort



SAOL™ for Managers

Two Month Total Leadership Immersion Supported by Personal Coaching & 2 Day Experiential Classroom

Ideal for New and Experienced Mid-Level Managers; HR Professionals

Conducted On Site

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What is SAOL™?

SAOL is Strategic, Agile and Organizational Leadership. It is a coaching and consulting methodology to drive organizational health and performance.

  • Proven to Transform Tactical Managers into Strategic Leaders, SAOL for Managers Offers…

  • ◉ Leadership & Behavioral Diagnostics: Before you can lead others, you must understand yourself. This program begins with a gap analysis of self-assessments and assessments by others of your leadership abilities.
  • ◉ Classroom Experiential Learning: Intense 2 days of classroom learning and application on leadership presence, CEO mindset, accountability and more.
  • ◉ Goal-Based Workplace Application: Create Performance Scorecards as your 2 month measurable blueprint for leadership growth.
  • ◉ One-on-One Mentoring: Throughout this 2 month journey, you will receive personal mentoring to grow your skills – and confidence – as an effective, results-oriented leader. 
  • ◉ Calibration with Boss, Team & Stakeholders: Knowing what to lead is as important as knowing how to lead. Align goals and objectives to maximize everyone’s performance.

Participant Feedback

I now realize I must manage my department as a CEO where I’m accountable for my performance, and that of my team’s.

This leadership series shows you how to overcome the areas that you struggle with, even if you don’t initially recognize it yourself.