SAOL™ for Senior Leaders

Strategic, Agile and Organizational Leadership (SAOLTM) for Senior Leaders involves every aspect of you as a leader. Using a variety of approaches including personal coaching and consulting, team development, stakeholder relationships, self and peer assessments. This Executive Coaching engagement will focus on . . .

  • Organizational Leadership and Stakeholder Relationships – Operating on the mantra that an organization is only as strong as its leaders, you will work through every aspect of your impact on a company’s Organizational Health and Performance. From taking care of your company to taking care of your team, this approach instills a “CEO mindset” in leading your function, working with your stakeholders, your team and developing yourself. 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Leadership: Considered as strong a requirement to success as IQ, Emotional Intelligence or EQ determines how you handle yourself as a leader, a peer and a person. Essential in today’s sea of constant change, EQ is emerging as a more important trait than sheer ability. 
  • Agile Leadership: The marketplace has never been more fluid. The days of sequential planning, executing and measuring are long gone. In their place is the need for real-time decisions based on often incomplete information. To succeed, today’s agile leader needs to be action-oriented, insightful, and possess a steady temperament for managed risk.
  • Sustainability and Continuous Improvement: Undeniably, Continuous Improvement is the single most important element to staying relevant. And leaders must be perceived as relevant to effectively earn associates’ respect and loyalty. A hand-in-hand combination, leaders who seek Continuous Improvement for themselves will inspire a workplace culture to do the same.

SAOL™ for Senior Leaders

3-6 Month Engagement (Typical)

Ideal for Optimizing Senior Leaders, Their Teams and Stakeholder Relations

One-On-One Coaching Conducted On Site or Location of Your Choice

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What is SAOL™?

SAOL is Strategic, Agile and Organizational Leadership. It is a coaching and consulting methodology to drive organizational health and performance.

  • SAOL™ for Senior Leaders Equips   Experienced Leaders and Their Teams to Succeed with …
  • ◉ Leadership Introspection: Insightful personal coaching will help examine strengths, motivations, limiting beliefs and more. 
  • ◉ Leadership Gap Analysis: Based on stakeholder views, this strategic analysis will identify skills to cultivate or overcome.
  • ◉ Goal-Based Transformation & Application: Create a Performance Scorecard as a measurable blueprint for leadership evolution. 
  • ◉ Calibration with Key Stakeholders and Team: Meet with key stakeholders to create convergence of goals and perceptions.