SAOL™ Leadership For Supervisors and Managers

The Leadership Gap is Widening

Despite spending $14 billion annually on leadership and development, the following statistics indicate U.S. companies are still “missing the mark” with leadership development.

SAOL Corrects “What’s Missing” in Leadership Development

The SAOLTM Leadership for Supervisors and Managers program is based on the Strategic and Organizational Leadership (SAOL) Methodology, a holistic approach that accelerates skill development and transference at all leadership levels through:

Developed by The Rubi Ho Group, SAOL Leadership for Supervisors and Managers focuses on the first line level supervisors and managers who make the biggest impact by regularly interfacing with customers, running daily operations and maintaining the company “brand.”

SAOL Builds Your Leadership Bench

SAOL Leadership for Supervisors and Managers immediately starts building your leadership bench by transforming employee mindsets from manager to CEO of their team, department, division and themselves.

Using an integrated process focused on building performance through accountability and calibration, SAOL Leadership for Supervisors and Managers amplifies leadership transference with illuminating pre-work assessments; 16 classroom hours of experiential “aha moments” and gap awareness; and 3 months of metric-guided leadership application.

This proven, outcomes-based approach delivers:

The Proof is in Company Performance

If you’re like 70% of companies out there, leadership is your single biggest challenge. But not all leadership programs are equal, nor effective. SAOL Leadership for Supervisors and Managers is effective because it builds accountability through calibration.

And it’s this calibration that propels the leadership mindset and performance as proven by organizations whose leaders interact with managers on key skills. These organizations report:

The Proof is Also in Individual Self-Development

The goal of any leadership development effort is skill assimilation through a changed mindset and re-modeled behavior. Past participant comments are true testimonials to the effectiveness of the SAOL Leadership for Supervisors and Managers.

Start Developing Leaders – At All Levels – Today 

Leadership development does not happen overnight. But SAOL Leadership for Supervisors and Managers can help accelerate the average 20 months to groom employees for mid-level leadership and 38 months for senior level positions.

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