SAOL™ Methodology

Adaptable, Agile Approach to Organizational Health and Performance

Strategic & Organizational Leadership (SAOL™) Consulting identifies root cause “pain points” to strategically promote healing and superior performance across 5 core areas of Organizational Health.

methodology-chartCompany |Function |Stakeholders |Team |Yourself

Using the proprietary SAOL Methodology for Organizational Health, SAOL Consultants diagnose each area as to whether it should be maintained, optimized or grown for enhanced performance while consistently addressing and resolving:

Achieving Sustainable Performance

Organizational Health is a company-wide responsibility integral to continuous and sustainable performance. It only takes one area to be out of alignment to negatively impact an entire organization’s operations. Conversely, all areas working together can create a competitive powerhouse capable of proactively anticipating and nimbly leveraging market events.

The SAOL Continuous Improvement and Performance Model emphasizes key milestones to
methodology-chart2create convergence and alignment while building high-performing, organizationally-healthy organizations that can: