SAOL™ Methodology

Driving Organizational Health and Performance

Strategic & Organizational Leadership (SAOL™) Consulting identifies root cause “pain points” to strategically promote healing and superior performance. Using a proprietary methodology, SAOL Consultants diagnose – and deliver – results that consistently address and resolve:

Organizations are Naturally Unhealthy

SAOLOverviewSAOL methodology makes even more sense as one considers that conflicting goals start at the top of every organization. Think about it. The CEO is chartered with optimizing business growth while the COO is focused on optimizing internal dynamics. The result is differences – and gaps – in leadership, thinking, direction and objectives. Left unaddressed, organizational health deteriorates into siloes, conflicts, bottlenecks, poor morale, low productivity and more.

SAOL Consulting Addresses “Pain Points” from the C-Suite Down

True sustainable competitive advantage comes from decisive, effective leadership at all levels. The Strategic and Organizational Leadership (SAOL) methodology cascades healthy, results-oriented leadership principles throughout the organization focusing on the following key areas:

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