SAOL™ Executive Coaching

It Doesn’t Need to be Lonely at the Top

SAOL Executive Coaching is one of today’s most in-demand means of propelling organizational growth through leadership. In fact, according to the 2013 Stanford Business School Executive Coaching Survey, nearly 66% of CEO’s do not receive outside leadership advice but 100% want it.

Built on leaders first understanding yourself so that you can more effectively lead others, The Rubi Ho Group goes beyond personal mentoring to create a powerful link between executive development, long-term profitability and business growth.

More specifically, our consulting approach integrates all of the most requested areas by CEO’s and senior executives including:

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What our customers say...


I was hesitant about the value of a coach but I’m a true believer now. Rubi focused on my leadership success by involving me, my executive team and my direct reports. Together, we created partnerships and alignment that benefitted all. With Rubi’s coaching, I feel more poised for success than if I had done this on my own.

Stephanie Ferris
Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Vantiv