SAOL™ Executive Coaching Services

Our Bottom Line Obective:

We are about Creating SAOL™ champions who can healthily take care of ALL parts of their business which INCLUDES leadership and stakeholder relationships.

SAOL™ Executive Coaching is about creating leaders who can ‘WIN’ in Each and EVERY critical of the Organization (See below).

We are about creating holistic and strategic leaders who know how to both manage the business AND effectively empower others.

The SAOL™ Executive Coaching Phases and timeline

Starting Point: Whether it be individuals, teams or organizations, there are always pain points (issues) that need to be resolved before true learning and foundational SAOL™ development can happen. This is where the SAOL™ Executive and Leadership Coaching program starts.

Once those “pain points” have been resolved, it’s about creating an atmosphere that fosters continuous improvement, outcome focus and constant feedback.

The holistic program focuses on immediate application and includes:

What our customers say...


I was hesitant about the value of a coach but I’m a true believer now. Rubi focused on my leadership success by involving me, my executive team and my direct reports. Together, we created partnerships and alignment that benefitted all. With Rubi’s coaching, I feel more poised for success than if I had done this on my own.

Stephanie Ferris
Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Vantiv