Strategic & Organizational Leadership (SAOL™) Consulting

The Ultimate Sustainable Competitive Advantage . . . Redefined

In 2011, McKinsey & Company identified Organizational Health as the ultimate competitive advantage. Until it became apparent that a sole focus on maximizing human potential, ended up treating financial performance as a by-product. Fast-forward to today’s findings that companies focused on organizational health and performance are:

2X more successful than those focused only on health and

3X more successful than those focused only on performance

Strategic & Organizational Leadership Unifies Organizational Health with Performance

wheel-graphStrategic and Organizational Leadership (SAOL) is a proven, proprietary consulting framework that elevates the benefits of a healthy organization by integrating all critical success factors – people, process and performance. This outcomes-based, real world methodology helps company leaders function as Chief People & Performance Officers (CPPO) who place equal emphasis on building leadership pipelines while “still minding the store.”

Embracing Leadership Strategy from the C-Suite Down

True sustainable competitive advantage comes from decisive, effective leadership at all levels. The Strategic and Organizational Leadership (SAOL™) methodology cascades healthy, results-oriented leadership principles throughout the organization with:

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