Team Dynamics & Communication

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.”

Simon Sinek, Author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Team leadership is more than setting strategy and managing processes to achieve results. True enlightened leadership is about understanding the often complex team dynamics of the people tasked with delivering these results. At the top of this list is communication – the #1 reason why teams either succeed or fail.

More than ever, leadership in today’s constant sea of change requires a strong command of soft skills to unleash a team’s full potential. Creating an energized work culture is critical to empowering teams to meet deadlines, accomplish difficult tasks and, even more importantly, maintain morale and promote personal satisfaction.

Designed for new teams or existing teams that need a reboot, this ½ day experience breaks down walls, builds up relationships and fills participants with countless “aha moments” on how to achieve together. A sampling of the results you can expect includes:

  • Confront and address lingering issues that impede performance
  • Communicate more effectively by understanding yours and your teammates’ communication styles and needs
  • Unify performance around common goals and expectations
  • Successfully integrate new leaders or bolster existing leadership

A mainstay of Fortune 25 company leadership programs, Team Dynamics & Communication is the must-have foundation for every team’s success.

Team Dynamics & Communication

1/2 Day Classroom

Ideal for Any Combination of New or Veteran Teams and Leaders; Interdependent Teams; Teams in Conflict

Conducted On Site

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Propel Team Performance with Enlightened Leadership

  • ◉ Relating Team Health to Results: Understand what makes a team healthy – communication, trust and alignment – and how deficiencies in these areas impede results
  • ◉ Assessing Strengths & Resolving Conflicts: Synergize team productivity around what’s working while overcoming what’s not
  • ◉ Creating a Performance Scorecard: Build individual and team accountability by establishing measureable, meaningful goals
  • ◉ Building Unity: Strengthen team relationships and communication through mutual understanding of individual values, motivations and leadership styles 
  • ◉ Aligning Expectations: Shape convergence through individual, team and leader expectations

Participant Feedback

This program offers many approaches to develop the skills necessary to accomplish team leadership within an organization.

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