The ‘Capacity Pyramid’

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Does this sound familiar? 

All of my time is spent ‘putting out fires’ and ‘burning platforms!’ I don’t have time to even breathe let alone keep up!Innovate, optimize, grow!’ Yeah that all sounds great but how do you expect me to do that if I can barely even accomplish my ‘day to day’ responsibilities? My team is under capacity, we have limited budget this year, and I’m being pulled at all angles!

So how are you supposed to “do more with less?” Read on as today’s blog identifies how to more effectively prioritize your time at work.

Let’s face it. All of us are being asked to do more with less.

The need to constantly redefine, refine, improve and ‘move the needle’ is a norm in this age of information technology and global competition. The world is indeed smaller and faster. And that means the time we have to respond and change to demanding environments is even less than before. Almost overnight, companies are popping up from out of no-where and on the other extreme, dissolving. What separates those who survive from those who become extinct is literally one’s ability to constantly adapt, respond and act quickly enough. No one wants to become the next Kodak!

Survive and Thrive . . . Understanding Your Capacity Pyramid

So what does this mean for you and your survival and even better, ‘thrival’? The bottom line is that just ‘putting out fires’ and doing just your ‘day to day’ work is not going to cut it. You must focus on the other important areas of your ‘work life’ if you are going to at the very least, ‘keep up in the game.’

I’ve designed what I like to call a Capacity Pyramid which prioritizes how you can have a more ‘holistic’ focus to your day. The goal is to move from the current state of focusing only on day-to-day and “burning platforms” to carving out time each day for more strategic aspects or you’ll never grow and progress. Instead, you’ll forever be ‘victims of our environments.’

Let’s discuss each area to devote time to each work day: 

Current State Areas 

Now, most of us just stay in the above two areas ALL DAY LONG!

The goal is to become as disciplined and persistent as possible to ALSO move into the other areas of the ‘Capacity Pyramid!


Ideal State Areas


Keep it Simple and Start Small

The ‘Capacity Pyramid’ is important for company success but even more important, for your need for balance. No one is sustainable always focusing just on burning platforms and day to day responsibilities. You will not only burn out, but your sense of feeling and being valued will be limited. Your growth will be stunted. You will not last. And I wouldn’t blame you for it!

Make a commitment to create more balance in your work-life and you will feel happier, more fulfilled and satisfied! I guarantee it!

I’d Love to Help You, really

Privately send me your challenges, questions and comments at I can’t guarantee I’ll have all the answers, but I will be candid, truthful and genuine at all times with you. All of us deserve to be inspired and joyful in our lives. We simply need to work towards it.


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