What is SAOL™?

The Ultimate Sustainable Competitive Advantage...Redefined

In 2011, McKinsey & Company identified Organizational Health as the ultimate competitive advantage. While Organizational Health maximizes human potential, it can ignore performance.

Strategic, Agile and Organizational Leadership (SAOL) - pronounced as ‘SOUL’ - redefines the ultimate competitive advantage by unifying Organizational Health with Performance to holistically make businesses:


more successful than those focused only on health


more successful than those focused only on performance

SAOL Drives Organizational
Health and Performance

Organizations are naturally unhealthy driven by conflicting goals at the top of every organization. Think about it. The CEO is chartered with optimizing business growth while the COO is focused on optimizing internal dynamics. The result is differences - and gaps - in leadership, thinking, direction and objectives. Left unaddressed, organizational health deteriorates into siloes, conflicts, bottle necks, poor morale, low productivity and more.

Serving as an organization’s Chief People & Performance Officers (CPPO), SAOL Consultants strategically unravel these natural conflicts creating integration, alignment and interdependence at all levels while developing company-wide decisive and effective leadership.

SAOL™ Consultants & The Rubi Ho Group

Our Mission:
To strategically help companies champion organizational health and performance.

Our Target Audience:
We focus on your leaders and the teams they lead.

Our Role:
SAOL™ Consultants truly become 'Organizational Healers' for the companies they serve. They help leaders and their teams focus on strategy, agility, organizational health and overall leadership (SAOL pronounced 'Soul').


  • Turn Mission, Vision and Goals into Relevant Outcomes

    Work through ‘Pain Points’ that Impede SAOL Primary Focus


  • Understand the Components of What Makes a Healthy Organization

    How to Use these Components to Achieve Workplace Health


  • Create Organizations, Teams, and Leaders who can Demonstrate...

    • Holistic Integration of Core Focus Areas
    • Proficiency in all areas of Performance
    • Mastery over Self
    • Understanding Others NOT like Them
    • Mastery over their Emotions
    • Healthy Relationship Management


  • Create Organizations, Teams and Individuals who both are Agile and Understand Agile Principles and Processes