How to Drive ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper’ Without ‘Losing Your Soul’

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I bet this title caught your eye!! And it should. Every organization I currently work with is struggling with how to drive bottom line growth . . . but not at the expense of the employees who got them there.

Does this sound familiar . . . this new product needs released yesterday to scoop the competition regardless of the effect on employee burnout and morale.

We’ve all been there and, yes, this is today’s reality. But there is a right way and a wrong way for companies – and the employees who work for them – to approach the sometimes overwhelming ‘rat race’ of competition.

To be clear, I totally agree that organizations need to think and behave with a ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper’ mentality to succeed. They need to focus on profit and growth to survive. And I totally agree that employees need to support this mission and feel valued and engaged. However, there are limits. And those limits are reached when we feel like we’re ‘losing our soul.’

This blog, the first in a series of 10, is focused on how to drive ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper’ without losing your ‘soul.’ You will find this information applies collectively to organizations and to the employees who make that organization successful. 

Tip #1: Keep Sight of Both The Company’s ‘Mission and Purpose’ and Yourmission and Purpose’

Let’s begin with helping employees figure out where you fit in the organization’s drive for ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper.’ The best starting point is making sure you know the answers to BOTH of the following questions:

  1. What is the company’s Mission and Purpose?
  2. What is your personal Mission and Purpose?

Understanding Question #1 is critical to ensuring you know where you fit, how your contributions align with company goals and ensuring you are working on the right things. More importantly, it will enable you to see how your efforts are adding to the company’s value and the very importance of the items you are working on.

If you’re unsure of the company’s mission and purpose, take a look at your company’s website for vision and mission statements. Compare it to what you’re doing. Better yet, have a discussion with your boss to ensure you’re in alignment and suggest that you have a calibration session on a scheduled basis.

The beauty of this is it will open dialog between you and your boss, provide checkpoints on critical projects and improve productivity by working ONLY on the right things. Everyone truly wins in this situation.

Answering the 2nd question is equally as critical as the 1st. If your personal mission doesn’t align with the company’s, then the benefits of understanding Question #1 will be lost. What I’m talking about here is understanding how this job matters to you personally, professionally, to work/life balance and beyond the sheer ability to pay your bills. Not every aspect of a job is ideal. But if you have satisfaction and fulfillment in a few areas that are key to you, then you’re in the right place. If not, then you have some decisions to make because chances are very high that you won’t last.

As a leader, manager and employee, you and your teams must answer these questions in an open, constructive way. If you do, everyone will benefit. Don’t take my word for it!

HBR Confirms Value of Understanding Mission and Vision 

A recent Harvard Business Review article (The Neuroscience of Trust, Jan 2017) surveyed employees and found that a “feeling of mission and purpose’ offered the following dramatic improvements:

Employees who knew their mission and purpose experience . . .

Your Action

On a company level, knowing the Mission and Vision is critical. On the personal level, it’s just as important. Those who are happiest and performing at the highest levels in companies have their own ‘personal mission and vision’ goals lined up to their company’s.

Stay tuned for the rest of the list in the upcoming weeks!! 

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